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Main business: international express \ international air \ domestic air, first-class agency service provider in Chaoshan area. Our company has established long-term good cooperative relations with major international express companies DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, TOLL.



    Cross-border e-commerce

    -Create a high-quality cross-border e-commerce ecosystem

    -Lead everyone to continue to develop new platforms at home and abroad

    -Do a good job of market layout in advance


    Social media platforms

    -All-platform store opening and investment promotion

    -Really help businesses grow

    -Achieving a qualitative leap in performance goals


    Company team organization and construction

    -Training and Incubation Base

    -Design from the layout

    -Culture design

    -Design from the heart


    E-commerce mentor by your side

    -B2B2C platform one-stop service

Promises and Benefits

Our company's strong service items:

★Strong International Express\International Air Freight
★Provide accurate express arrival time
★Free pick-up and delivery for remote customers
★Shantou, Chenghai, Chaoyang, Chaonan, Chaozhou, Jieyang, our company will provide free door-to-door pickup service
★Professional sales team: After years of hard work, the company now has a team of professionals who are experienced and proficient in international logistics business, with good industry norms and credit guarantees to ensure that your express delivery arrives at the destination safely and on time. We provide door-to-door pickup, Confirm the weight and size of the shipment on the spot to avoid misunderstandings caused by weight errors. We can provide you with the express materials you need for free. As long as you make a phone call, we will provide you with door-to-door service in time.
★Professional customer service team Every day, there is a dedicated person to track and inquire about the transshipment of express shipments, to ensure the safe and smooth transit of your shipments, and to notify you in time if you find problems, so that you can save time and worry and free up your time to complete other tasks.

Company Profile

Shantou Kaiyunda Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Shantou Kaiyunda Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (www.0754558.com) was established in 2006 and is an international logistics service provider legally registered with the Shantou Industry and Commerce Bureau. Its main business: international express \ international air \ domestic Air freight, first-class agency service provider in Chaoshan area.

Our company has established long-term good cooperative relations with major international express companies DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, TOLL, and can reach 220 sovereign countries and regions around the world to ensure that your express shipments are safely and quickly transferred to the destination, Aging: 2-3 working days in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, 3 working days in Europe, the United States, Canada and the Middle East, 3-5 working days in Central and South America, Africa and Eastern Europe, export goods include: ceramics, toys, clothing, underwear , shoes, stainless steel products, plastic products, tableware and lunch boxes, machinery and accessories, plastic chain guides, daily necessities for foreign students, clothing, local specialties, etc., and other small amounts of sensitive goods include: food, toy candy, powder, liquid , chemicals, pure battery products, etc. can be safely exported.

Domestic and international air transport can undertake routes from Chaoshan Airport\Shenzhen Airport\Guangzhou Airport\Hong Kong International Airport. Cooperative airlines include: CA International Airlines\CZ Southern Airlines\EK Emirates Airlines\9W Jet Airways\TG Thai Airways\ CX Cathay Pacific\AF Air France\SU Aeroflot\...etc.

Under the principle of "customer satisfaction as our goal", we proactively provide customers with inquiries and tracking services for goods from various channels, and serve every customer safely, accurately, conveniently and quickly. Our development needs your support. We will provide you with solutions suitable for your cargo transportation and export customs declaration related knowledge consultation to help your career become more brilliant! Our company will communicate and cooperate with you with full enthusiasm and good service awareness. We look forward to your inquiries and cooperation with you!

Corporate Culture

Dare to create, innovate, forge ahead, and constantly open up new levels;

Embrace your dreams in your heart and struggle to define your life. Only those who have dreams in their hearts can overcome the difficulties on the road to entrepreneurship.

Continue to develop new platforms at home and abroad, do a good job in market layout in advance, seize the opportunity, and cooperate for win-win.



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